What is amateur radio?




Amateur radio satellite groundstation

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"The world is full of barriers - political, cultural, ideological and psychological. There have been barriers and many still remain. Barriers are products of distrust. Distrust is a result of lack of understanding. Barriers drop when we get to know each other, when we are able to reach into each other's world. But to make an acqaintance, break the ice and in the long run build trust, there is a need for communications. It is not an accident that the world has acheived significantly better understanding in the last decade when mass telecommunications has become accessible for everyone.

Radio Amateurs have been privileged to have had the capability for global communications reach for a long time. We have communicated with each other and learned about the world. We have been citizens of the world as long as Amateur Radio has existed. That not only raises inner excitement, incomparible with anything else, but also is our legacy to the world because we are among the pioneers of bringing people together.


Last updated: october 26, 2016.